Signs You Need To Replace Your Car Battery

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When your car battery dies, you may not realize it until you’re stranded on the side of the road. The good news is, this problem is unavoidable. Know the signs when it is time for a battery replace 

  • The Engine Struggles To Start. If you are having trouble getting your car to start, your battery is probably dying. If you hear a clicking sound every time you turn the engine over, this is also an indicator of battery failure. 

You won’t want want to wait until your faulty battery completely dies before replacing it. To avoid getting stranded with a non-starting engine, consider bringing your vehicle to an auto repair shop in Wilmette for a battery replacement before your car’s battery fails you, 

  • A New Foul Odor In Your Car. Noticing a bad smell, similar to a rotten egg, coming from your vehicle could mean that the battery is damaged and leaking gas. The destructive sulfuric acid in the battery is possibly leaking out, which can corrode other components of your car. 

If you notice any strange odor if you open the hood, take your car to HEART Auto Care Wilmette to get it checked. We will perform the necessary assessment and confirm if the battery needs replacing or what’s the best solution.

  • The Dashboard Battery Light Is Illuminated. If you notice your dashboard warning light come on, it is best not to ignore them. This often tells you that there is a problem with the battery, and you should get your battery tested immediately by a trusted Wilmette mechanic.
  • Dim Lights And Electrical Issues. If your car’s battery is failing, it will have a harder time running your car’s electrical components at full power. For this reason, your headlights and interior lights may seem unusually dim, or they may flicker especially when you are starting the engine. To avoid more problems, have your battery checked as soon as you notice these signs.


Car Battery Lifespan

Common question car owners have is how long does a car battery last. While there is no single answer that’s applicable to all types of vehicles, a typical car battery can last between 3 and 5 years, depending on various factors such as:

  • Driving habits. Leaving a light on overnight can shorten the lifespan of your battery.
    • Activity level. Driving often or using only the car for short trips, weakens your battery.
  • Climate. If you are located in a location where the climate is hot, your battery has a tendency to wear down faster than if you are located in a place where the climate is colder.

What To Do If Your Battery Dies

If you’re driving in hot weather, you should always carry an extra set of jumper cables. When your car battery dies in cold weather, you should turn off the engine and wait for the car to warm up before trying to jump-start it.

Battery Replacement At HEART Auto Care Wilmette

If your vehicle has been making strange noises lately, or if you notice any warning lights flashing, take your vehicle to HEART Auto Care in Wilmette. Our licensed mechanic will check out your battery and make sure everything else is functioning properly before it leaves our shop. Book an appointment today.