Our Team Has HEART!

Brian Moak


Meet Brian, fearless leader, coach, mentor, friend, owner, and expert of all things HEART. Growing up in the industry, Brian’s dedication is unparalleled. He puts his all into everything he does and never lacks passion or enthusiasm with anything he is a part of. From being an amazing dad to his son, to leading the pack at spin class Brian always leads with Heart!

Danny Rosenbloom

Vice President - 2010

Meet Danny, Vice President at Heart, and resident go-to guy at Heart. Working at Heart during the summer since high school Danny has over 16 years automotive experience, he’s done it all. Embarking on a new journey, he’s now the dad to a brand-new gorgeous baby boy. Being a gamer and avid Harry Potter fan, he’ll have tons of fun hobbies to share with his son in the future.

Scott Hoffman

Director of Marketing - 2016

Meet Scott, director of marketing and best dressed Heart employee for almost 5 years. Not only does Scott make sure Heart’s branding is top-notch, but he keeps the front counter at Northbrook running like a well-oiled machine. All while bringing the most welcoming energy and a little fashion through Heart’s doors.

Craig Stone

Manger - Evanston, 1998

Meet Craig, who’s been in the automotive industry for 30 over years and has been managing our Evanston location for over 20 years. He’s an amazing husband, the coolest dad on the block to 3 wonderful girls, and when it comes to music, he’s our resident guru on all things rock-n-roll. Whether it be in the shop or out Craig always leads with Heart.

James Pometta

Manager - Wilmette, 2017

Meet James, you’ll find him leading the sales team at our Wilmette location, and a member of the Heart family for over 3 years. This family man knows cars, but outside of the shop uncovering the latest kicks to hit the shelves is his passion. With 3 kids to keep up with James always needs a good pair of running shoes.

Frank Tagliere

Manager - Wilmette 2009

Meet Frank, manager at our Wilmette location. With over 40 years automotive experience and 11 years managing at Heart, Frank eats, sleeps, and breathes all things car related. Coupled with being a father of 4 and grandfather of 3, Frank’s experience both in the industry and out is second to none. Frank knows his stuff. If you’ve got questions, he’s got answers.

Gil Evaro

Manager - Northbrook, 2016

Meet Gil, manager at our Northbrook location. Gil is a devoted member of his church and loves helping out in any way that he can. He is a loving husband, father, and grandfather and also an avid music lover. He’s got a song in his heart that he loves sharing with the Heart family.

Ernie Tagliere

Assistant Manager - Evanston, 2010

Meet Ernie, assistant manager at our Evanston location and a part of the Heart team since 2010. Ernie, dad to an adorable baby boy and beautiful daughter, loves his football. Whether it be his enthusiasm for fantasy football, or spending time with his family at games, Ernie’s got all of his teams covered.

Blair Kerkhoff

Assistant Manager - Northbrook, 2020

Meet Blair, member of the Heart family and the Northbrook team. This former Iowan loves sports and tries hard not to miss a game. He’s such an avid sports fan that when he’s not watching the game, he’s coaching. Coach Blair loves sharing his knowledge and expertise with the local wrestling team and hopes to always lead to victory.

Kieesha Smith

Front Desk - Evanston, 1998

Meet Kieesha, who’s been running the front counter at our Evanston location for over 20 years. Kieesha knows her customers, she takes pride in not only knowing them by name but their families and pets too! Everyone feels like a part of the Heart family when they work with Kieesha. She’s one of a kind, her effervescent and bright personality shines through everything she does.

Ben Stiegel

Front Desk - Wilmette, 2016

Meet Ben, a part of the front counter team at Wilmette for almost 7 years. On the weekends when Ben’s not at work helping customers and the front counter team, you’ll find him having a blast in his Jeep. When he’s not busy turning a wrench making sure he’s ready for the road, he’s cruising around with the top off reveling in his passion for all things Jeep.

Makayla Cavallari

Front Desk - Northbrook, 2020

Meet Makayla, a member of the Heart family since 2020. Makayla is a busy girl always on the go. When she does find time to wind down, she enjoys spending time outdoors camping with friends and family. When she’s inside you’ll find her creating new arts & crafts, cooking, or just relaxing listening to music.

Javier Galeno

Tech - Wilmette, 2017

Meet Javier, mechanic at our Wilmette location. This top tier technician has a passion for running. Since joining the Heart family in 2017 he has participated in several marathon and charity races. An avid long-distance runner, Javier has even traveled to different countries to be a part of some pretty impressive races.

Jorge Garfias

Tech - Northbrook, 2014

Meet Jorge, mechanic, and a part of the Heart family for over 6 years. An avid car enthusiast, Volkswagens are the apple of this family man’s eye. He loves to spend time with his family going to car shows and exploring the latest trends in the automobile world.

Jake Colpaert

Tech - Evanston, 2000

Meet Jake, who’s been diagnosing vehicles at our Evanston location for almost 20 years. When Jake isn’t busy keeping cars safe on the road, he loves to spend time caring for his home aquarium. Jake’s focus and commitment really shines through as a reef keeper, its no easy task. Jake takes pride in maintaining his amazing aquarium, home to his remarkable family of coral reefs.

Chris Cannon

Tech - Evanston, 1996

Meet Chris, member of the Heart team since 1996. Chris is a talented and hard worker always willing to give a helping hand, whether that be in the shop or at home in the kitchen. Chris loves to cook. From grilling steaks for family cook outs to whipping up gourmet dinners for date nights he’s passionate about his culinary skills.

Ricky Harris

Tech - Northbrook, 2011

Meet Ricky, mechanic at our Northbrook location and member of the Heart family since 2011. Ricky a newlywed has a big heart full of love for his family. He’s passionate about current events and loves spending time enjoying nature.

Ricky Granados

Tech - Wilmette, 1997

Meet Ricky, mechanic at our Wilmette location and part of the Heart family since 1997. When Ricky’s not busy working on cars or spending time with his family he’s making sure he stays in tip top shape. You’ll always find Ricky with a healthy snack making sure he’s energized and ready to go.

Mike Fisher

Tech - Wilmette, 1997

Meet Mike, veteran mechanic at our Wilmette location and a member of the Heart team for over 23 years. Mike is a family man, between baseball games, practices, and carpooling his weekends are jammed packed. Lucky for his family he’s got a big heart full of love for all of them.

Andrew Martinez

Tech - Evanston, 2011

Meet Andrew, member of the Heart family since 2011. Andrew loves spending time outdoors with his family. Andrew, a doting father to his adorable daughters, stays healthy and active playing soccer or bike riding. He’s got to keep up that cardio to run after his little ones.

Raul Galeno

Tech - Evanston, 2019

Meet Raul, member of the Heart family for close to a year. Raul is also an avid runner. He has participated in over 5 marathons and has many more in his future. He’s steadily running and training to be ready for his next race so he’s first to cross the finish line.

Gabriel Viti

Tech - Northbrook, 2020

Meet Gabe, mechanic at our Northbrook location and member of the Heart family since 2020. Gabe is huge a fan of off-roading. Whether it be taking his truck out on the terrain or finding the best off-roading gear he’s your guy when it comes to bounding through the mud and hills.

Juan Martinez

Tech - Wilmette, 2007

Meet Juan, mechanic at our Wilmette location and a member of the Heart family since 2006. He’s always there for his team and is dedicated to making sure he always leads with his heart. Juan is always willing to lend a helping hand or jump in and do what needs to be done. The Heart team is lucky to have a great guy like Juan.

Genry Smolen

Tech - Evanston, 1998

Meet Genry, Evanston mechanic and a part of the Heart family for over 22 years. Genry works just as hard in the shop as out of it when it comes to supporting his family. He loves spending time with them and supporting all of their interests. Whether it be carpooling to all of the practices or cheering on the sidelines at the meets, Genry’s always there for his family.

Jorge Velazquez

Tech - Wilmette, 2017

Meet Jorge, mechanic and part of the Wilmette team since 2017. Jorge is an awesome and supportive member of the Wilmette team. When he’s not busy in the shop he’s busy being a wonderful husband and father. Jorge gives his all with everything he does, he always leads with heart.

Sheldon Cannon

Mechanic - Northbrook, 2020

Meet Sheldon, a member of the Heart family and mechanic at our Northbrook location. Sheldon is an amazing person and an asset to any team. Whether that be in the shop or at home being a dad to his son, Sheldon is always there to lend a helping hand and support anyone when they may need it.

Ebony Willett

Executive Assistant - 2005

Meet Ebony, member of the Heart family since 2015. She loves her family and has a strong passion for the arts. Whether it be her avid enthusiasm for music and literature, or her love of cooking, Ebony enjoys spending her time exploring and sharing all of her interests with her loved ones.

Brian Zamarron

Tech – Evanston, 2021

Meet Brian, mechanic at our Evanston location.  Brian a great addition to the Heart team, always willing to lend a hand in the shop. Brian is also a car enthusiast, one of his favorite hobbies is modifying performance cars. When he’s not making cars faster and more furious, he’s playing on the soccer field or spending time with his family.

Klever Saldana

Tech – Northbrook, 2021

Meet Klever, mechanic at our Northbrook location. Since joining the team earlier this year Klever has proven himself to be quite an asset to the shop. When he’s not under the hood at work you’ll find him under the hood at home, one of his favorite hobbies is working on cars. Klever also loves to be active outdoors, kicking balls on the soccer field and catching air on a half-pipe skateboarding.


Shop Puppy - 2020

Meet Wesley, Heart’s certified shop pet, treat taster, and morale booster! He puts a smile on everyone’s face wherever he goes, loves french fries and a good snuggle!