Leaving For The Holidays? 9 Tips For Storing Your Car Safely This Winter

Are you planning to go on a holiday vacation? You may not think about it, but there are many things you should do before leaving your car for storage. 

If you’re planning to leave your car unused for a considerable time, these tips will keep your vehicle in excellent condition while you are away.

Clean Up Your Car

Before leaving your car for winter storage, make sure to clean the exterior to remove any elements that may cause corrosion. 

Using warm water, clean your vehicle’s body and wipe it dry before storing it for the winter. Ideally, it is also best to cover your car with wax to protect it from moisture and keep it in the best condition. If the weather is extremely low, another good option is to take it to a local car wash and let them help preserve the quality of your car.

Store Your Vehicle Inside Your Garage

Storing your vehicle in your garage will keep it at a stable temperature and protect it from other damaging elements. If you don’t have a garage where you can park your car, consider finding a storage space to rent.

When leaving your vehicle outdoors, a weatherproof car cover will also help keep the car clean and dry.

Cover Your Car

To protect your car from the weather, dust, and other environmental elements, it is recommended to cover your car with a breathable cloth. Avoid using a plastic car cover as it can trap moisture, causing rust to develop on your car’s exterior.

If possible, get a car cover that’s tailored to your car’s size instead of getting a universal-fit one. Custom-fit car covers superior protection and won’t come off easily.

Lock Your Doors And Windows

When leaving your car outdoors or in a storage facility, make sure that you lock your doors and windows before parking your vehicle. Even if you’re only going to be gone for a few days, make sure that no one can enter your vehicle while you’re away. This includes locking the doors, windows, trunk, hood, and any other areas where valuables might be stored. Also, keep an eye on your belongings while you’re away. Don’t leave anything inside your car that you wouldn’t mind getting stolen.

Keep A Full Tank Of Gas.

Don’t leave your car for an extended time with a low or empty tank, as this will cause moisture to get into your fuel tank and cause your fuel filter to get clogged. To avoid this problem, ensure to fill up your tank before storing your car for the winter. Adding a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank will also prevent the fuel from deteriorating and damaging your fuel system. 

Store Keys Out Of Sight

Keep your keys out of sight by storing them in a safe location. We recommend keeping your keys in your pocket or purse so that you won’t forget them inside the car. A keyring is a good option because it’s easy to carry around, and you can easily access the keys without having to search through pockets or purses.

Ensure Proper Tire Pressure

Leaving your car in a stationary position for a long period can cause flat spots to develop on your tire. To solve this problem, keep tires inflated at the recommended tire pressure. If your car is parked in an indoor garage, it is also a good idea to place your car on a jack and remove all of the tires. It may require extra effort but will eliminate the need for purchasing a new set of tires when you get back.

Remove Your Battery

Remove and store the battery in a cool and dry environment and apply grease on the terminal ends. This can help preserve its life during extended periods of storage.

Have Your Vehicle Serviced By A Trusted Auto Repair Shop

Having your car serviced before storing it for the winter will ensure that and give you peace of mind that your car will remain in top condition while in storage. 

Let HEART Auto Care do all the hard work and ensure that your car stays in excellent condition before you leave for the holidays. Book your appointment with us today.