Shock Absorbers: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

We sometimes take for granted the love and craftsmanship that individuals have poured into the automobiles we drive, which are made up of many systems that have been improved over the decades. One such mechanism is shock absorbers. They serve a vital part in the comfort and safety of our cars, and they do so quietly and out of sight. People have improved shock absorbers, so we no longer have to worry about injured tailbones from uneven roads or being thrown straight out of our automobiles by spring oscillations. In today’s article, we’ll share our love of shock absorbers by going through the fundamentals. 

Shock Absorber Definition

When most people hear the term “shock absorber,” they immediately think of springs. After all, springs are required to absorb the motion of an automobile traveling over a bump. Yes, but early shock absorber designers rapidly understood that relying only on spring was a bad concept. Sure, the spring would compress over a bump, but then it would uncooperatively relax, propelling the car up with enough power to knock occupants out of their seats. Something was required to absorb the shock of the spring returning to its original shape while still allowing it to compress and perform its function. That’s what a shock absorber is for! Your automobile would bounce about a lot if it didn’t have a shock absorber every time it struck a little bump or turned.

Shock Absorber Parts

To slow the movement of a piston using oil, most shock absorbers employ gas or oil and a valve. The piston is connected to one of the spring’s ends. When you hit a bump and the spring compresses, the piston stops any motion so your automobile doesn’t move with it.

Shop Absorber Importance

While the primary advantage of shock absorbers is a more comfortable ride, there is more to it. When we drive, shock absorbers accomplish a lot for us such as improvements in gas mileage  and handling. It also helps stop springs from oscillating.

At HEART Certified Auto Care, we have extensive expertise servicing this critical component of any vehicle’s suspension. We can tell when shock absorbers are beyond their prime and must be changed. We also know how to maintain and repair shock absorbers to a high standard. Suspension systems in automobiles serve critical roles in the safety of drivers on the road. Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can do for you!