Driving Safety Tips For The Summer Storm Season

Storms will become more frequent and severe as the summer season begins. When a strong storm passes through the region, it is critical that you stay safe and out of harm’s path. Driving is one of the riskiest things to engage in during a storm.

Check out these summer driving safety guidelines and contact us now to learn how good auto maintenance may help keep you safe on the road. Visit one of our car shops now for help.

Check To See If Your Car Is Ready

The boy scouts are correct: preparation should be your primary focus. Instead of waiting till Mother Nature unleashes her fury and being unsure what to do, plan ahead of time for inclement weather. A lovely bright day can quickly morph into a huge afternoon thunderstorm, so never rely your forecast on the weather in the morning. This is especially true if you are traveling through the mountains. The weather changes quickly, and if you are unprepared, things can soon become perilous.

To ensure you are prepared for summer storms, make sure you have the following goods on hand:

  • Windshield Wipers That Work Perfectly

Inspect the windshield wipers on your car to ensure they are working correctly. It may be time to replace them if they are broken or the rubber on them is breaking. If they are inoperable, it is time to get them fixed on your vehicle.

  • Excellent Tires

Do you have bald, worn-out tires on your car? If this is the case, replace them before venturing out into the summer storms. Hydroplaning is significantly more likely with bald tires, placing you in danger of a major collision. Invest in a new pair of summer tires to avoid this happening.

  • Make Sure To Always Bring Charged Mobile Device

Make sure your cell phone has enough battery capacity to carry you through your drive in case you need to contact for assistance or check weather forecasts. 

Observe Warnings

Fortunately, we have an excellent weather warning system in the United States. The National Weather Service (NWS) maintains offices all around the country and constantly monitors the weather. They not only issue watches and warnings, but they also give information from a network of weather spotters, allowing for up-to-the-minute, real-time weather information.

We hope you found this post helpful and that it reminded you to take care of your car so that you can be safe when bad weather hits. Make sure to book an appointment for a checkup now, before the winter storms start rolling in!