Is It Time For Tire Repair or Tire Replacement?

If one of your tires is losing air or has gone entirely flat, you might ask if a tire repair might help. In many circumstances, a flat tire may be repaired. However, in some cases, a tire replacement is the preferable alternative and the safest one to avoid an impending accident.

There are various factors to examine that will allow you to firmly assess if a professional tire service can cure the problem or whether a replacement tire is required. These are some examples: 

  • There Is A Puncture On The Tire

After driving over debris, sharp pebbles, or other foreign objects, your tires may sustain punctures or cuts. The location of this on the tire will be a major determining factor in whether or not tire repair is possible. If the puncture or cut is inside the tread, it may typically be fixed and/or sealed. However, if the hole is on the tire’s sidewall or shoulder, the tire should be replaced.

The sidewall of a tire is a sensitive section that bends a lot while driving. When the tire is under tremendous pressure, a puncture here might cause a rupture. If your tire is damaged along the sidewall, it is best to replace it to eliminate any safety issues.

  • Size of The Cut

If your tire was punctured and/or a foreign item became lodged in it, the extent of the puncture itself will determine whether it can be fixed or should be replaced. If the puncture is 14″ or smaller in diameter, a professional tire repair may usually be performed while keeping the tire safe. If the puncture is bigger, tire replacement is strongly advised.

Furthermore, if a puncture is lengthy and/or uneven, the tire is unlikely to be fixed. Long cuts might harm the tire’s belts and shorten its life.

  • The Level of Interior Damage

It is also critical to consider how long you have been driving with a low or flat tire. After some time on it, the sidewalls may come into touch with the road. This can swiftly wear out the sidewall’s inner linings, creating concealed damage within the tire. Before attempting any repair, the tire should be removed from the wheel and properly examined.

  • Tire Condition in General

Apart from what we discussed above, there are also instances where the overall condition of a flat tire makes it unsafe to fix, such as extremely worn/thin tread, dry rot in abundance, too many tears, or separation of the tread.

For Tire Repair or Replacement Hand It To the Experts

If a tire has become a safety hazard, you should always replace it. It is also strongly advised that you take your flat tire to a professional rather than attempting to repair it yourself. This will guarantee that it is fixed properly and returned to its pre-damaged state (as much as possible).

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