Learning Vehicle Heating and Cooling Issues

Car heating and cooling are linked, but these are two different systems and work separately. Nevertheless, like other parts and systems of the vehicle, the car owner needs to take care of the heating and cooling system. Regular maintenance is paramount to the proper functioning of  both systems  and  the extension of vehicle life. Importantly, regular maintenance avoids the risk of gremlins interfering with vehicle heating and air conditioning.

As a vehicle heating and cooling system experts, here at HEART Certified Auto Care, we understand and appreciate the value of taking care of these systems. Therefore, we use  comprehensive multipoint testing methods and processes to ensure that all components or subsystems of an air conditioning or heating system are functioning effectively and efficiently. Whether your car air conditioner suddenly stops working or you face a problem that is getting worse, it solves the underlying problem.

Here are the most common problems you can encounter with your A/C System:

     1. Low Refrigerant

This is one of the most common issues that a vehicle A/C system faces. A sign of low refrigerant levels is the car air conditioner making noise and not cooling. Depending on the refrigerant level, the A/C might blow cool or even warm air, but not cold. Facing such a situation during summer is not a pleasant experience. You need a coolant top-up. Depending on your vehicle’s make and model is either R-12 or R-134a.

     2. Condenser That is Clogged Or Leaking

According to the OEM design, if the air conditioner cannot flow enough refrigerant into the system, the cooled air will not come out of the vents. Leakage of condensers can reduce the effectiveness of the air conditioning system. In addition, the flow of refrigerant is restricted by the deposits in front of the condenser. As a result, the car’s air conditioning system can make noise and fail.

     3. Broken Compressor

An A/C capacitor is a device that exchanges heat and allows the A/C system to dissipate heat to the outside. For efficient operation of the condenser, the condenser is located at the front of the vehicle and is vulnerable to damage from objects such as rocks. If  the condenser knocks and breaks and the refrigerant leaks, it should be replaced immediately to prevent further damage to the system.

Moreover, here are common reasons heating system does not work properly:

     1. Low Coolant

Your car uses the heat extracted from the coolant engine to warm  the interior. Coolant is drawn by the engine block and flows through the heat exchanger of the heating system. In the heater core, heat is transferred from the coolant to the air  blown into the cabin. Low coolant levels tend to reduce the efficiency of removing heat  from the engine. This reduces the amount of heat available in the heater core.

     2. Air in Coolant System

As air flows through the coolant system, its efficiency drops. Water can remove much more air from the engine block than it does. Therefore, if air is trapped in the cooling water line, the cooling system will not be able to exhaust enough to heat the cabin. This is also dangerous for the motor because of the risk of overheating.

     3. Defective Heater Core

The heater core is a mini radiator made of aluminum or brass tubing that can circulate the coolant drawn by the engine. The heat in the heater core is dissipated throughout the cabin by a fan that helps keep that space in the toast. Unluckily, heater cores tend to have a variety of problems, including clogged hose, forced air does not reach the heater core, or the radiator does not move efficiently within the heater core. It is very important to maintain this important part of the heating system on a regular basis.

     4. Broken Thermostat

If the thermostat fails or fails, the heater may operate intermittently or not at all. In such cases, it is best  to replace the thermostat.

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