Saving Your Car’s Engine Through Fuel Injectors Maintenance

Are you burning the gas tank faster than before? Do you find it difficult to accelerate to avoid a lovely old lady driving on the freeway at 35mph? Is there a problem with the engine braking when decelerating? When was the last time you checked the injector? Proper maintenance of the fuel injection system is one of the keys to improving the fuel performance of the vehicle and extending the life of the engine.

Importance of Fuel Injectors

Your car’s fuel injection system comprises two main parts: an injector and a fuel pump. The fuel pump sends pressurized fuel from the gas tank to the engine compartment of the vehicle. The injector then distributes the fuel as a fine spray to the various cylinders in the engine. The spark plug ignites the spray from the injector and powers the car.

Computers manage current gas injection structures, changing the guide carburetors observed in maximum vehicles constructed earlier than 1990. Carburetors required time to heat-up earlier than the automobile turned into prepared to drive. Modern structures enhance this overall performance via way of means of permitting vehicles to begin up proper away with no need for this heat-up period, even in cold weather.

The fuel injection system also improves the fuel efficiency of your car. A well-maintained system limits the amount of fuel needed to power the vehicle and provides more mileage on all tanks of fuel. It’s also less noisy than older carburetor engines, and this type of system requires less engine maintenance because car parts last longer.

Keeping Your Fuel Injection Well-Maintained

We will be sharing with you the two main ways to keep your fuel injection clean and working great:

1. On-Car Cleaning

These are not very intensive methods for cleaning the infusion system. There is nothing to disassemble or remove. Instead, refiners have been introduced to remove contaminants from the system.

  • 1st Method: Additives are poured directly into the fuel tank. They flow through the fuel system and eventually reach the injectors, working to remove contaminants.
  • 2nd Method: A pressure can of injector cleaner is attached to the fuel rail of the car. The engine drains the cleaner instead of the fuel and cleans the injector more thoroughly.

2. Off-Car Cleaning

The injector is completely removed from the car and cleaned with a special ultrasonic tool. It is then tested to ensure that the flow rate and spray pattern are within acceptable limits. Technicians also check for possible leaks before reattaching the fuel injector to the car.

Wearing and Tearing of Fuel Injector

Every time you drive a car, it sucks up dirt and other contaminants. Over time, these pollutants enter the engine. If it is sucked too much  into the injector and fuel pump, the car will have the following problems:

  • Insufficient acceleration when you step on the accelerator pedal
  • Every time you refuel you start burning through the gas faster
  • When the engine is idling, there is a noticeable ridge
  • If a car’s fuel injection system is left unmaintained, it can cause significant damage to the engine and often cost a lot of money to repair.

Have your Fuel Injectors Checked at HEART Certified AutoCare

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