Reasons for White Smoke Ejecting From Your Vehicle’s Exhaust Pipe

We understand that it may be worrying when you see white smoke coming out of the vehicle’s exhaust pipe. What does it mean as it is surely not a normal happening? First and foremost, your car’s exhaust pipe is where your car’s exhaust fumes are exhausted. White smoke is not normal but does not necessarily indicate a serious point.

We’ll be sharing with you common reasons why white exhaust smoke ejects from your car:

  • Condensation
    If you see white smoke on a lively and cold day and have just started your vehicle, you may only see condensation vapor. Wait and see if the smoke disappears immediately.
  • Leakage of CoolantCoolant leaks are a common cause of white exhaust smoke. If a vehicle leaks coolant, it may  smell like a sweet syrup. Be aware that a lack of sufficient coolant can damage the vehicle’s engine and surrounding components. Take your car to an auto repair shop, so take care of it right away.
  • Broken Cylinder Head
    Cracked cylinder heads, blown head gaskets, or cracked engine blocks can also cause white emissions. When this happens, the coolant slips into the cylinder or combustion chamber, producing white steam. Vehicle engine problems need to be fixed as soon as possible to minimize further damage.
  • Fuel Injector Not Doing Well
    In diesel vans, if the fuel injector fails or is not pumped in time, problems can occur when fuel reaches the engine and heavy white smoke can be emitted from the exhaust vents.

The above issues occur regularly, but the best way to truly know the issue is to access HEART Certified AutoCare for proper evaluation. Experienced technicians can identify the cause of the problem and the repairs needed to quickly resolve the problem before it progresses.

If you notice white exhaust smoke, feel free to contact us or drop by us today!