Changing of Car’s Oil: How Often Should You Do It?

Oil changes are something you do to your car to prolong its engine life. It is an easy, and low-priced service that is acknowledged as the most relevant part of a car’s maintenance.

The main function of engine oil is to reduce friction. Gradually, the oil collects contaminants, loses viscosity, and the resulting friction causes engine components to rub against each other. Parts wear faster and the damage caused is almost beyond repair without an engine overhaul or replacement.

However, technological advances and increased consumer awareness are causing confusion about the correct interim for oil changes. So the question is, how often do you need to change the oil?

The answer is it actually depends on the manufacturer’s recommendation regarding the change oil schedule. The actual interval of change oil depends on the guidelines of the car you have to keep it in good running condition for a long period of time. And for life’s inconvenience, car manufacturers now developed a computerized system for maintenance alerts on your car’s dashboard and these alerts are somewhat reliable.

Moreover, the type of driving is also a factor that affects the need for an oil change. Recurrent cold starts, extreme heat, and towing are examples of driving styles that can decrease the engine oil’s life. Furthermore, frequent short trips can also be overlooked enemies of oil life, decreasing its life by 25-40% based on seriousness.

Lastly, don’t settle for cheap motor oil. If you will be choosing something less expensive, it may undermine the manufacturer’s recommendations.

For a full inspection for your car to check on the best motor oil for it, do not hesitate to contact us and our staff will be happy to assist you with your car.