How Many Times Should You Replace Your Wipers?

You will receive a message from the wiper with stripes, rattles, and squeaks. The wiper blades need to be replaced for best performance and safety, even if they are not at the top of the list.

It’s true that the number of cars driven has decreased due to the pandemic, but the wipers are made of rubber and deteriorate and deteriorate over time. And it is recommended to replace the wiper blade every 6 to 12 months.

You should get in the habit of checking your wipers regularly and knowing the signs you should be aware of when they wear out.

  • Damaged Rubber: If you look closely at the wiper blade, did you notice that the rubber is a single smooth piece, or is it cracked, damaged, or chipped in some places? If the rubber is defective, it means they are no longer working.
  • Leaves Water Streaks: As water flows over the windshield, the edges are rounded and unsharp due to wear. If water gets on the windshield, it will become cloudy and have poor visibility and should be repaired immediately.
  • Squeaking Sound: If the blade squeaks or doesn’t move quietly across the windshield, that means that they are really in need of a replacement already.
  • Wipers are Chattering Against Your Windshield: Does it look like it’s bouncing or vibrating on the windshield as the leaves pass? If the blades do not touch the entire windshield or skip in some places, you will need a new wiper.
  • Twisted Frames: The metal parts of the wiper can bend or be damaged for a variety of reasons. As with some car washes, rough handling of the wiper blades during cleaning can cause the frame to bend and the clips to be damaged. If you notice this, it’s time to get them changed.

Like any other part of the car, windshield wipers are really important to ensure a safe driving experience as they are responsible for the improvement of visibility. They are also one of the easiest parts to maintain on your car. Here at HEART Certified Auto Care, we will ensure that your wipers will get checked as well to prevent unwanted problems when you are on a drive or a trip.

Schedule an appointment now and we’ll check your wipers to see if it needs some replacement!