How to Drive in a Winter Storm

Driving during winter storms is surely the last thing we like to happen, however, if you are already on your way to somewhere and the winter storm hit you, there is no other choice but to proceed and drive all your way to your destination. Safety driving tips during winter storms will surely be helpful. 

If you have a little flexibility when driving in areas that are prone to winter storms, be aware of the weather conditions on the major passes and highways along the way. This will give you a better understanding of the conditions that you will encounter when passing these locations and will be able to prepare preventive measures.

However, in times when you need to drive through a winter storm without any other choice, you may keep these tips in mind:
  • Keep an eye on the road and watch out for the hard-to-see black ice.
  • Always drive slowly and carefully, removing as much distraction as possible.
  • If you are driving on ice or snow and you feel that your vehicle has lost traction, it is important not to apply the brakes or accelerator. Take your foot off the pedals and squeeze the steering wheel until you feel like you’ve regained traction
  • In the chances that you will be driving in a winter storm, be sure to bring tire chains or use a four-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicle.
  • Watch out for bystanders and make the distance between you and the car in front of you much longer.
  • During the snowstorm, make sure the lights are on so that you can see as much as possible on the road.
  • Always pack a winter emergency kit with a spare tire, jack, wrench, torch, blanket, cell phone charger, flashlight, and the emergency number just in case.

Before driving, even it is not during the winter season, one of the best measures you need to take is to be sure that your vehicle is checked by experts. Here in HEART Certified Auto Care, we can do a full inspection of your car to prepare it for any season it will be going through, and to ensure full protection of the people that will be inside the car. Book an appointment now at for a full inspection of your car!