Benefits of Monthly Payment for Annual Car Maintenance Cost and Additional Ways to Get Savings

We all know that bills are really challenging at times but it should not compromise the mandatory check-up of our automobiles. And monthly plans on annual maintenance fee is indeed helpful, most especially when we are on a fixed income. 

HEART Certified Auto Care provides easier auto care with their 12-month payment option. In this way, you will be able to pay the maintenance cost over 12 months to prevent paying it in full outright. 

This annual cost covers oil changes, tire rotations, filters, and wiper blades. And you will always receive awesome discounts for any of these repairs. Not only do you get the full repair on your device, but you also get the VIP treatment as you will have a prioritized schedule, even if it lands on weekends. And upon successfully scheduled appointments, you will proactively be notified to ensure you won’t be missing them. 

Moreover, you also get to ride a free loaner vehicle or ride free shuttle service, in case you have no spare auto to use during the repair period. How nice is that!

And wait there’s more! Here are additional ways to get savings

If you are looking for additional savings on the car maintenance cost, they offer a 10% discount when you pay the annual ko in full outright, which will be sent in the form of a gift card for 12 months free. 

Another form of savings you can take advantage of is if you are planning to add a new car for the auto car.  Meaning, the more cars, the more savings! For 2 cars, you are to get 10% off, 15% off for 3 cars, and for 4 or more cars, you will enjoy a 20% discount. Sounds great, right?

Moreover, HEART Auto Care provides different types of plans which include discounts depending on the plan. To see the inclusion per plan, you may go to You may also visit any of their locations. For any further inquiries, information, or if you wish to schedule an appointment, you may check them at