Signs Your Car’s Air Conditioning System is Not Going Great

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy an ultimate chill blasting out from their car’s vents, especially during scorching weather? I bet most of us look for a refreshing breeze during these hot, sweaty days, and the air conditioning unit on our automobiles is something that can provide us this feeling of relish. And I couldn’t imagine the discomfort of having our cars’ A/C broken on the time we need them most. 

So here’s some of the signs you may encounter that will help you prevent unwanted circumstances with your Air Conditioning Systems.

Weird Sounds
Strange noises when you activate your car’s air conditioner is an indicator that there is something wrong with the system, which may probably be the compressor. Once this begins to happen, it might grind or whine when it’s turned on. Apparently, these strange sounds are caused by possible issues on the internal components such as bearings. You may further test it by simply turning off the A/C and see if the sounds will stop, and if yes, that means that you must have it checked already. 

Hot Air Released 
Air conditioning systems tend to give you cold air through the vents, however, at times, you may experience hot air, most especially when the AC system is not well-maintained. Hot air is a clear indication that there is something wrong with the compressor, or that the refrigerant is low. Most often, it is a red-flag that the compressor is about to die completely. 

Leakage of Fluid
As mentioned above, vehicle air conditioning compressors have internal bearings that prevent the refrigerant from leaking out of the compressor. The role of the compressor is to pressurize and cool the refrigerant. Of course, this will wear the bearings  over time due to the constant pressure environment inside the compressor. Worn or damaged bearings  leak refrigerant.

Stuck Clutch
The AC compressor also has a clutch, similar to a manual transmission which mainly connects the vehicle’s engine to draw energy from it. Compressor only uses power when it barely needs it, and in time that the clutch gets stuck, the AC compressor will not work anymore since it will not receive any power. And since the clutch cannot be changed alone, you’ll be needing to replace the whole AC compressor. 

And upon experiencing any of these signs, it is very much advisable for an expert to check on your car’s AC System to ensure that you won’t encounter a much bigger issue, merely a prevention.

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