Advice on How to Avoid Pothole Damage

Winter may have left, but the dreaded potholes have grown larger than ever. Tired of your car slamming into the pavement and blowing a tire? Here are three suggestions for avoiding potholes.

  • Slow Down

While driving slowly is not only safer for you but also for those around you, it will also save you money. The greater the speed at which the car is traveling when it hits a pothole, the greater the damage.

  • Mind Distance

Keeping a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles not only prevents accidents, but also gives you more time to avoid potholes.

  • Keep An Eye Out For Water

Potholes have been disguised with water as the snow melts. Avoid driving through puddles of rain, especially on the road’s edge. Always drive safely. It’s not just your life at stake, but everyone else’s as well!

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