Reasons Why Tire Experiences Blowouts

Tire blowouts can occur for a number of reasons. A faulty rim may cut into the side of the tire or cause the bead to break, allowing the tire to slip off the rim. This type of damage is usually obvious, so there aren’t many defective rims out there with owners who are crazy enough to drive on them.

Another reason is that the air pressure is too low. This causes the tires to flex more than they should while driving. The belts separate, compromising the integrity. Excessive air pressure can cause a blowout by stressing the tire beyond its design limits. A large bump or a hot day can cause the pressure to rise above the bursting point. Tires can be manufactured with flaws such as air bubbles or improperly mixed rubber.

Vandalism is another possible cause. When vandals slash the sidewall rubber only halfway through, it creates a dangerous situation in which the cut rubber will tear if you hit a bump, round a turn too quickly, or drive for an extended period of time. Close inspection reveals the presence of cut rubber. When you run over a small sharp object, you will create a puncture that will slowly leak air. Running over a large sharp object can tear a large hole in the tire, deflating it instantly and causing a blow out.

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