Cleaning of the Fuel System

Is it sometimes difficult to start your car in the morning? Is it hesitant or stuttering when you turn the key? If this is the case, the issue could be the result of a clogged fuel system. The fuel system in your car begins with the air filter and ends at the top of the engine. Different parts of the system become dirty over time, reducing performance and lowering fuel economy.

Rather than a carburetor, most of our SUVs use fuel injectors. Fuel injection systems have fewer issues and require less adjustment. However, they must still be properly maintained. This is why your owner’s manual includes a schedule for cleaning your fuel injectors and other fuel system components.

Some people want to buy fuel system cleaners to put in their gas tanks. You can do that, and there are many great products available to help maintain a clean fuel system, but these products cannot perform a thorough cleaning. You must visit your HEART Auto Care service center for this. HEART Auto Care has the professional tools and chemicals needed to provide a comprehensive service.

HEART Auto Care’s service center uses a process that thoroughly cleans your vehicle’s fuel system. You must clean your fuel system of particles, gum, and varnish in order to get those injectors running cleanly and efficiently. You’ll notice more power, better fuel economy, and lower exhaust emissions after a professional fuel system cleaning.

The cleaners also aid in the prevention of rust and corrosion in your fuel system, as well as the lubrication of critical engine parts.

One of the recommended service items that helps keep your vehicle running strong is fuel system cleaning. As with all maintenance, it can help avoid costly repairs, which are frequently the result of failing to take the proper preventive measures. And you’ll notice a difference in the way your car performs. Check with your HEART Auto Care service advisor to find out when your vehicle’s fuel system is due for cleaning.

A pound of cure is truly worth an ounce of prevention.