Winter is Coming: The Importance of Winter Tires During this Season

Winter season is fast approaching, and it is really important to take early precautionary measures for safe road protocols during this season. And one item you need to ensure is having your tires changed to winter tires.

These tires provide you with the best possible traction on the road during wet, snowy, and icy weather conditions. They are basically made with a much softer rubber, unlike the normal tires, designed for extremely cold temperatures which will give more flexibility allowing more grip on the road, in comparison to the normal one that will have lesser traction on the road during the winter season.

Designed with a different tread among other all-season tires, winter tires will surely allow pushing snow outward avoiding any build-up on the surface of the tire. They drastically reduce hydroplaning in a similar manner. 

As an important note, these winter tires cannot be used in warmer climates due to their softer rubber, resulting in easily wearing of tread when drove over hot roads, or during hot weather. 

So basically, this is the reason why drivers are encouraged to swap the tires depending on the season; putting all-season tires on towards the beginning of April, and putting the winter tires on in the middle to end of November. 

The safety and stability winter tires provide in the snow is well worth the need to swap tires seasonally. You will also prolong the life of your all-season tires due to only driving on them half the year. 

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