Heart Auto Care’s 33-point Inspection: Know Everything About Your Car’s Health

Being on top of one’s car’s health is something everyone must really take seriously. And being able to know that everything is well with our vehicles is something that can surely ease our worries every time we hit the road.

Good thing, Heart Auto Care offers a 33-point inspection that fully covers everything we need to know regarding our vehicles for a worry-free driving experience.

Here are some of the main items you need to know about our service:

With this inspection, ensured that tires are well-checked and are at the correct pressure, with no nails, punctures, or impact bubbles. And to make sure you’ll be safe, we also measure how long the tread on your tire is expected to last. And checking on all of these things concerning your tires is really vital when it comes to driving safely.

Alongside the well-inspected tires, brakes also play an important safety factor when it comes to driving. Hence, we also check on it to prevent any major safety concerns, especially when there is a leaking brake fluid component or line. A test drive will be done to your vehicle to check for any pulling, pulsating, fluid leaking, or noises going on when braking. Inner and outer brake pads on all the wheels are also checked to measure your brake pads and your rotors for any scoring or hot spots, giving a full checkup on your brake concerns.

Same with tires, belts are also made of rubber and can wear too at times. With that, we will be inspecting your serpentine/drive belts on your engine for signs of wear. The ribs of the belt can get worn down as they ride along with the engine pulleys along with the rubber of the belt drying out and cracking. A broken belt can leave you without power steering, air conditioning, and your alternator will stop charging. 

Another part we will be checking on is your radiator hoses and heater hoses to examine any signs of leaking or bubbling, as the rubber of these hoses dries out and softens over a matter of time. This may result in a hose leaking coolant/antifreeze that can lead to an engine overheating and needing replacement. 

With this 33-point inspection, all fluids the vehicle systems require will also be examined, as they also break down over time, same with engine oils. This will set the seal on the longevity of those systems. This includes topping off your washer fluid and checking the levels and conditions of your brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant/antifreeze, and transmission fluid. 

Filters, both engine air filters and cabin air filters, are covered by this inspection too. Bear in mind that a clean engine filter will give you the best fuel efficiency and keep any dust and particles out of the engine. On the other hand, a cabin filter filters the air coming through the vent system. And having this checked every oil change can surely give a positive effect on the airflow for heat/a.c, as this is the most commonplace for critters to form a nest. 

Another main thing to consider for car checkups is the battery, as failure of battery during a long drive is surely the last thing we would like to happen, especially when we are on our way to a special function. And to prevent that from happening, we will be testing your battery’s cold-cranking amps to see the overall health of your battery. Though it’s hard to tell when exactly a battery will fail, rest assured that our test does provide a good overall picture of your battery’s health. The vehicle’s alternator output and starter will also be checked for any signs of failure.

Inspecting of suspension components for signs of wear or failure will also be covered. We will inspect your struts and shocks for signs of leaking and wear, control arms for ripped/broken bushings, ball joints, sway bar, sway bar links, and sway bar bushings. This will help abundantly for keeping you safe as worn or broken suspension components can cause major drivability issues, safety concerns, alignment issues, and cause connecting suspension components to fail prematurely. 

Moreover, we will also be checking on your steering, both your mechanical and hydraulic steering components, more specifically inspecting your steering linkage and tie rods. Power steering pump, hoses, and gear will also be covered, to check for any signs of leaking as loose or worn tie rods can be a large safety concern and it’s important to check them with every service. Ensuring that everything is well with the steering components gives you a very easy maneuver on your vehicle for a safe drive.

We will also be checking on your exhaust system, for any signs of leaking or rust. Having a loud noise is usually caused by a leaking exhaust, which can also lead to the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter failure and can cause exhaust fumes/carbon dioxide to enter the cabin of the vehicle. The rusted exhaust will lead to the exhaust leaking and can potentially break and start dragging on the ground. 

Wipers, though easily replaced and not that costly, play an important role as well on safe driving. Wipers typically last no more than a year, especially in the winter months. It’s important to make sure you have wipers that will allow you the best visibility while driving in poor conditions. 

Aside from the items mentioned above, we will also be inspecting things such as brake lights, headlights, turn signals, body damage, horn functioning, and more, ensuring that nothing will be missed.

You can conveniently book an appointment with us online through https://heartautocare.com/schedule-service/ or you may also visit any of our locations listed on that link as well.