What Is ASE Certification?

ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence and is a third party certification group that certifies professionals in automotive repair and service. The goal of ASE is to promote excellence in vehicle repair, service, and parts distribution. There are almost 300,000 automotive mechanics and service professionals who hold ASE certifications in nearly every area of the automotive service industry.

The Reason for ASE Certification

The reason that ASE exist is to protect everyone involved in the car service process, from the consumer to the shop owner to the mechanic. The certification allows both the owners and the consumers to gauge the level of expertise and knowledge that a mechanic has before employing their services. On the other hand, ASE offers a way for mechanics to prove their skills to potential customers and employers.

Requirements for ASE Certification

In order to become ASE certified, mechanics must complete a rigorous testing process and must have experience in the automotive service field. Requirements include:

  • Passing the ASE Certification exam
  • Two years of relevant hands on working experience
  • Recertify every five years

HEART Certified Auto Care Mechanics Are ASE Certified

ASE certification is a guarantee that your car will be handled by mechanics who have ample training and experience. Backed by examination from a national, non-profit organization that has been certifying mechanics since 1972, they are the best mechanics you’ll find. At HEART Certified Auto Care, all of our auto care professionals are certified, which means they have the knowledge and experience to find the problem in your car quickly and implement the best repair solution. Experiencing issues with your vehicle? Bring it in to one of HEART Certified Auto Care’s three locations in Evanston, Wilmette, or Northbrook.