What Does the ABS Light Mean on Your Vehicle?

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) light on your vehicle typically indicates a problem with one or more brake components. Your braking fluid may be low, the data from your wheel sensors may be faulty, or the entire system may be down. HEART Certified Auto Care’s expert technicians can appropriately analyze your ABS light regardless of the issue. We’ll get you the necessary brake repair.

What Functions Does the ABS Serve?

ABS nowadays depends on sensors to monitor the speed of each wheel in order to keep your brakes from locking up. When the sensors detect instability, they will alert your vehicle’s computer. For example, if your wheels are skidding on snow or hydroplaning in the rain, the ABS will keep your brakes working.

What Should You Do If Your ABS Light Is Turned On?

You should not be frightened if your vehicle’s ABS light illuminates. When you’re safe and parked, switch off and restart your car to check whether the light goes out. It is possible that it is a false alarm. If the light on the dashboard stays on, there may be a problem with the ABS that requires repair. In this scenario, you should bring your car to HEART Certified Auto Care. Our professionals can scan your car to determine what your ABS requires.

Is It Okay to Continue Driving While the Abs Light Illuminates?

In most circumstances, driving with the ABS light illuminated is safe. Your basic braking system (drum and disc brakes) will continue to function normally, while your ABS is turned off. However, your vehicle may skid in certain situations, so drive carefully. Nonetheless, it is critical that the repairs be completed as quickly as possible.

If your vehicle needs ABS repairs, we urge you to bring it to HEART Certified Auto Care.