Air Conditioning System Components In A Car

Keeping Your Cool: A Group Task

The air conditioning system in your vehicle works to keep you cool and comfortable. When you switch it on, you anticipate it to blast cold air, so it seems to be a single unit providing a much-appreciated service for you. In actuality, the magic is created by a collaborative effort. Multiple components work together to keep the temperature comfortable. If one of these fails, the system may blast heated air or stop working entirely. HEART Certified Auto Care provides automobile AC repair as well as treatments that can help avoid system breakdown.

Jobs and Parts

When you think of your car’s air conditioning as a team, the compressor is the captain. This is due to the fact that it serves several purposes. It detects the temperature of your vehicle’s outside and inside. This enables it to maintain and direct the air temperature blasted into your passenger compartment. Additionally, the compressor pressurizes refrigerant, allowing it to be used to chill the air. It then transports air to the condenser. This component is comparable to a miniature radiator. It aids in the cooling of the hot refrigerant and transports the cooled liquid to the accumulator or dryer.

A dryer is used if your system has an expansion valve. On versions with an orifice tube, an accumulator can be found. Though they operate in somewhat different ways, these components remove moisture and send dry air forward. (If they are not separated, moisture may enter and harm the compressor.) The refrigerant is used by the evaporator to chill air before it is blasted via vents into the passenger cabin.

AC Repair Services for All Parts

HEART Certified Auto Care will help you whether you require a system inspection and preventative maintenance or a particular repair for an air conditioner issue. Our motto has always been to treat each vehicle as if it were our own.