Top Signs that Your Car’s Transmission is Doing Bad

Your car’s transmission allows you to adjust the gear ratio between the drive wheels and the engine  as the car slows or speeds up. There are two types of transmission. Automatic and manual.

The automatic type does all the work, including the exact operating system switch. On the other hand, the manual transmission is completely operated by the driver. The driver needs to know when to reach the maximum  gear range  in order to shift without damaging the transmission of the vehicle, which is expensive to replace.

Thus, a well-maintained transmission system is something you need to secure for a safe driving experience. Here’s some of the signs you need to look at to check if your transmission is not doing good.

1. Clunking Sound

 If your car is making a new sound that you have never heard of before, such as buzzing, humming, or clunking, it may not be a good sign and you might need to have your transmission checked by an expert to avoid any further damage to the car.

2. Unusual Burning Smell

A burning smell, which applies to most of what we are doing, is an indication that something bad is happening, especially if you smell it from your car. This smell may mean several things, but most usually, this is a clear indication that the transmission fluid is overheating.

3. Crumbling Gears

Grinding gears can mean two different things on an automatic and a manual vehicle. If you are driving a manual transmission, you may  need to replace the clutch. The clutch wears when shifting. Over time, this wear causes the clutch to “slip.” This can be seen by the squeaky sound and feel of the switch.

On the other hand, for an automatic transmission, this rough pace can mean a lot. The mechanic first makes sure that the gearbox synchronizer is properly tuned.

4. Slow or No Response at All

Having a responsive transmission which switches gears immediately when you need to change, means that the transmission system of the car is in good condition and in case you encounter a slow or probably no response at all upon shifting the gears, you should consult an expert to have it fixed.

5. Sign of Fluid Leakage

Transmission leaks are a common occurrence caused by excessive wear over time. The stopper may be loose or the pot may have a hole. In any case, as soon as you notice gear oil, contact your local mechanic to check for and repair any gear oil leaks.

6. Extra Sounds While in Neutral

On neutral, your car should be in a quiet state. In case there is some noise you might hear, you should try switching the transmission fluid as this is the most common fix for this kind of issue. But be extra careful since overfilling your transmission fluid may result in worse issues.

In case the noise issue persists, better consult a car mechanic immediately.

What To Do If You See Any of These Signs?

Ignoring any of these car symptoms should be the last thing you should do to avoid unwanted issues you may get on your car’s transmission system. Go and have an expert mechanic to check on your car to make this less of your worry-list.

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