Things to Check When Choosing the Right Battery for your Car

Car batteries may seem the same at times, but they are absolutely not. They surely differ based on size, power, features, and many more, which you should check before buying one to ensure you get the best for your car. The major types of car batteries are Starting-Lightning-Ignition (SLI), lithium-ion, wet-cell (most known as flooded batteries), and lead-acid batteries.

Being able to get the correct battery for your car is really important to ensure there won’t be any problem with the overall performance of the car. In case you have no idea how to figure out the correct one for you, we can certainly help you with the help of our certified mechanics.

With the increasing trend of hybrid and electric vehicles, more vehicles are relying on batteries than ever before. Aside from that, car manufacturers are continuously coming up with innovations in terms of accessories that need power. Having said that, a good battery is really something you must have. And here are some things you need to know when choosing the correct one for your car:

  • Always refer to your car’s manual. Everything you must need to know regarding the needs of your car can surely be found on the manufacturer’s instructions, including the battery that suits your car best.
  • The temperature of your place must be considered as well when choosing a car battery. Battery capacity (the number of amp-hours that can be retained) decreases as the temperature drops and increases as the temperature rises. And thus, you need to know which battery works for you better.
  • Opting with a new battery if possible. Used car battery usage can be bad for your vehicle that may cause further damage to the car. 
  • Regular battery checkup is also something you need to remember, regardless of whether a new battery was just installed on your car. It is advisable to regularly check on the cables and the posts to ensure everything is working fine and to prevent corrosion.
  • Owning a portable charger for your car battery is also essential when it comes to emergencies.
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