Top 4 Indicators Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

Rough roads, especially the ones with plenty of potholes can absolutely tear up your car’s shocks and struts over a matter of time. Your car can easily absorb these shocks and vibrations, but it is not completely immune to such shocks. You will eventually notice that these bumps affect the suspension of your car.

Normally, car struts or shock absorbers can withstand about 50,000 miles of this type of wear. But then the suspension begins to deteriorate. It is elastic, hard, and can make noise even on slippery roads.

Here are some signs to look for in your car suspension so you can immediately contact your nearest technician to resolve the issue:

  • Unusual squeaking sounds over bumps

Do you happen to notice any unusual squeaking noises whenever your vehicle goes over bumps? If so, it means that the shock absorber is worn. You will also find that as performance gradually declines, it becomes more and more difficult to stay in control of the car. Bumps make a squeaky noise every time, which is a problem for cars. Contact a car expert immediately to replace the shock absorber.

  • An excessive bumpy feeling when going over bumps

A common symptom of a worn suspension system is a bumpy ride. Driving in small waves and potholes seems to be a challenge, as the noise of your car and the difficulty you get through it. Frequently, the problem is with the piston and cylinder assembly, which needs immediate repair to get the car back to normal.

  • One car’s side is lower than the other

You may not hear the squeaking noise on the bumps. But when you park, you’ll find that one side of the car is lower than the other. This clearly shows that the spring on one side is broken. This means that your car’s suspension springs are really worn out and can no longer support the weight of your car and need to be replaced immediately.

  • Gradual difficulty in steering

Another sign that your car needs repair is when you have trouble maneuvering the car even at low speeds. This indicates that the suspension is still working and needs to be oiled or certain parts of the suspension system need to be replaced.

Suspension is one of the most important parts of a car for smooth and safe driving. If you notice any of the above signs, feel free to reach HEART Certified Auto Care here. Our skilled technicians can look at your car suspension and solve the problem on the same day.