Car Repairs That You Should Not Do on Your Own

The internet these days is full of almost all how-to videos, including car repairs. We also have some online videos to help teenage drivers get used to basic car maintenance.

Nevertheless, what you won’t find on most websites is processing car repairs that you should NOT do on your own. That’s because all auto care companies know that there are some repairs that require special tools, knowledge, and/or safety equipment in order to do them properly.

Therefore, while it is a good idea to be aware of things such as changing tires, wiper blades, or simply checking the air in your tires, there are still some repairs that require help from car mechanic experts.

There may be a small upfront cost, but these certain repairs should be in the hands of a professional mechanic. Here are some of the car repairs that you should never try doing on your own to prevent any further car damages:

  • Replacement of Timing Belt

Some people think that this is a self-made repair and can save a lot of money because the replacement parts for the timing belt are relatively cheap. But what people don’t know is how much work the repair actually involves. To obtain and replace the timing belt, most of the motor must be disassembled and reassembled after completion. If not done correctly, the engine will be damaged. And you will be left with even more expensive repairs than what you started.

  • Replacement of Shock Absorbers

Your car’s shock absorbers are an integral part of your car’s suspension system. They play an important role in the service life of other suspension components, but they also affect tire wear, braking, and overall driving comfort. Replacing the shock absorber is one of the car repairs that you shouldn’t do on your own for an ample amount of reasons.

First, repair done wrongly done can badly affect your driving safety. Next, replacing process involves going under your car, which is something dangerous if not done by a professional mechanic or if done without a help of a professional auto repair shop. And lastly, several people who do DIYs find out along the way that they cannot distinguish between shock absorbers or struts, or that they have no suitable tool for the shock absorber.

  • Diagnosis of Engine Issues

When the “check engine” indicator light comes on, it’s really something concerning. With the proliferation of online how-to videos and auto parts stores offering code reading services, it’s understandable why some people think they can diagnose and fix the issues on their own. But the causes of incident light can range from very simple to very complex. This is one of the car repairs that you shouldn’t do yourself, as everything related to the engine can be a very tedious and expensive task. Instead, you can put your trust in your mechanic who has the right knowledge and tools to accurately diagnose the code and repair your car properly.

  • Replacement of Radiator

Radiators are probably one of the most important parts of a vehicle’s cooling system. If that fails, your car will surely overheat. Opposing what online resources may say, changing your radiator is not always an easy task. If you accidentally damage your engine, you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars for repairs.

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Most of the people opting with DIYs are simply trying to save a few dollars, but it doesn’t take long to get over their heads. At HEART Auto Care, we believe in providing the highest quality car repairs. In this way, you can avoid car repairs that you shouldn’t do on your own, and instead, you can sit and relax knowing that your car is in good hands and that it will be worked on professionally.

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