The Importance of Getting an A/C Inspection Before Spring and Summer

It’s officially spring and for many of us, it means starting the air conditioner. HEART Auto Care recommends an annual air conditioning inspection to keep your car cool from spring to summer. Let’s face it. Heat and humidity can be very distracting this summer, especially when the air conditioner fails.

It is the responsibility of all vehicle owners to maintain a proper air conditioning system. The vehicle’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are designed to keep your room comfortable in all seasons. If your car wants to provide you with accurate and comfortable temperature and humidity levels, we recommend that you bring your car for an inspection today.

The air conditioning inspection of HEART Auto Care involves the following steps.

  • Check the air temperature, pressure, refrigerant charge, and electrical outlets. (If we determine that your car is out of refrigerant or Freon, we will try to determine the cause of the leak. Low levels of Freon not only affect the coolness of the car but can also be harmful to the environment.)
  • Examine for signs of Freon contamination.
  • Inspect the compressor’s drive belt for uneven tension.

Keep cool throughout spring and summer with HEART Auto Care. A fully functional HVAC system will also help improve fuel economy while making your trip more comfortable. Book an appointment with us now!