Each car’s A/C and ventilations systems are very different and require different forms or attention when not working properly. Especially in the summertime, your car’s A/C is a lifesaver and more important now than any other day of the year. When your vehicle’s A/C does not run as it’s supposed to however, it starts to feel like a cruel joke. You’ve got it on full blast just waiting for the cold to kick in, but it never does, blowing uncomfortably warm air inside your sweltering hot vehicle instead. If your air conditioning is blowing hot air or just isn’t working properly, maximize your comfort again and let us take care of the problem! In case you don’t know if you need A/C maintenance, here are three signs that your car’s air conditioning may not be working as it’s supposed to!
1. Refrigerant Leak
Most A/C systems are sealed closed and don’t ever need to be topped off. If this is the case for your vehicle, and your refrigerant level is low, there is surely a leak that needs to be addressed. An A/C leak doesn’t always look like a puddle under your vehicle like an oil or antifreeze leak. Our technicians are trained to look for signs of a leak or other oily residue around the A/C connections. Bring your car in and let us take a look for you! We are more than happy to help!
2. Worn Out Compressor
The compressor is the heart of a vehicle’s air conditioning system, and similar to many other car parts, it can also wear out over time. You can prolong the life of your compressor by running the defroster for about 10 minutes or so just once a month. Another way is to stop in to HEART for a quick A/C inspection. Let us take a look and see if we can do anything about your problems! We’ll be sure to help!
3. Problems With The Electrical System
Your vehicle’s A/C system is filled to the brim with fuses, relays, pressure switches and wires that all work together to provide you with that smooth refreshing cool air you desire. If one of these components fails however, due to either age or defect, the system is designed to shut down to prevent greater unforeseen damages to itself or to the driver. These issues are often difficult to locate without the proper test equipment and mechanical expertise. Bring your vehicle in and let us help you out! We’re here for you!