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The Ford Explorer is one of the most popular SUVs on the road today. As an owner, you want to properly maintain your Explorer and get quality repairs when needed to keep it running smoothly for years to come. Some common issues with Ford Explorers can leave owners stranded if not addressed quickly by a trusted service shop.

Common Ford Explorer Repair Problems

Explorer engines are generally reliable, but some develop oil leaks over time which can lead to low oil and engine damage if neglected. Others may misfire occasionally due to worn spark plugs or bad ignition coils. Transmission problems also frequently crop up on higher-mileage Explorers– you may notice delayed or hard shifts, gear slippage, or trouble accelerating.

The brakes are another common trouble spot. Explorers tend to wear brake pads quickly, causing squeaking and vibrating sensations when braking. Rotors can also warp, resulting in pulsation and extended stopping hazardous distances. Ball joints, tie rod ends, and other suspension components wear out too, causing loose steering, clunking noises, and misalignment.

Critical Ford Explorer Maintenance Items

Staying current on important maintenance helps avoid many major Ford Explorer repairs. Oil changes are crucial– regular changes guard against sludge buildup and maintain proper oil viscosity. Be sure to use the recommended weight and grade of motor oil.

Transmission fluid changes should be performed every 30,000 miles on most Explorers to replace worn fluid and prevent premature transmission wear and failure. The mileage can vary though, so consult your owner’s manual.

Tire rotation helps promote even tread ware so you don’t end up with bald spots. It should be done every 6,000-8,000 along with wheel alignments that keep the wheels properly oriented to each other. This enhances handling and prevents uneven tire wear.

Periodically flushing the brake fluid ensures it doesn’t become contaminated. New fluid prevents corrosion and keeps all brake components lubricated for smooth operation.

Getting the Most from Your Ford Explorer Repairs

Not all repair shops are created equal when it comes to Explorer service and repairs. Using genuine Ford OEM replacement parts ensures proper fit and operation. Check also that your shop’s diagnostic scanners and computers are Ford-compatible and up to date. Explorer computers and sensors have evolved over generations – the most current software is needed to interact with them.

Reputable Ford Explorer specialty shops also offer warranties on covered repair work.

What to Expect from Ford Explorer Service Shops

Any quality Ford Explorer repair shop will thoroughly inspect your vehicle upon arrival and provide a detailed diagnostic report. This pinpoints any issues, gives an estimate for fixing them, and provides options where appropriate. Quality shops communicate frequently on the status of your Explorer while work is performed, explaining any new issues discovered or parts needing replacement.

Once the work is complete, a test drive will be taken to confirm the original problems were fully addressed. You’ll note the Explorer runs and drives as expected. All fluid levels should also be topped up, the interior vacuumed, and a car wash provided so you receive your vehicle back looking nearly new both inside and out.

Where to Get Trusted Ford Explorer Repairs in Northbrook

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