Should I Visit a Repair Shop or a Dealership?

You require a car to fulfill your obligations at work, with your family, and on vacation. All of these requirements necessitate the continual maintenance of the vehicle, which requires both time and money. What is the greatest method to stretch your budget so that you can fulfill all of your demands while still keeping your vehicle in good condition?

A dealership is one option, especially because many drivers assume they must go there to maintain their vehicle warranty. Another alternative is an auto repair business, which can provide a few benefits not available at a dealership. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.

  • Relationships and service are important.

Your automobile represents a significant financial investment. At a car repair shop, you may (and should) meet the auto technician who is working on that investment. Our shop, like a dealership, will keep a record of the repairs done on your vehicle. At a dealership, however, you will not have access to the technician who is working on your vehicle.

Most dealerships do not allow consumers to see beneath the hood of the automobile with the auto technician. Our mechanics at HEART Certified Auto Care want you to understand the problem and what is required to remedy it.

This degree of accessibility is important and is maintained by the service employees at the vehicle repair business. They know you, your automobile or truck demands, and can swiftly adjust to what you require on any given day.

All of this contributes to and then strengthens, a degree of trust that is essential for both the client and the employees over time.

  • Training is important.

You’re probably asking if mechanics at vehicle repair shops are well-trained when they’re employed and over time.

Yes, it is! Many clients are unaware that many auto repair firms are owned and operated by technicians who began their careers at dealerships. Some of them go on to create their own independent stores or franchises. They bring their original manufacturer training with them and then keep it up to date throughout their Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) accreditation.

This certification demands a high degree of expertise in the most recent repair innovations and technology, as well as continual, intensive training. Customers may be certain that all ASE-certified technicians will understand and fix their car correctly.

  • Fees are important.

Unless your warranty work is done for free at the dealership, it is safe to suggest that you may save hundreds of dollars by going to an auto repair business like HEART Certified Auto Care. And if your warranty is no longer valid, the sum saved might be significantly more.

Tires are also our specialty, and you’ll discover a wide range of options at rates cheaper than what you’d find at a dealership. Furthermore, the trust you have developed with a repair shop will bring an important piece of mind, allowing you to confidently spend hundreds of dollars in a new set of tires.

  • Location is important.

Let’s be honest. There are hundreds more vehicle repair businesses than dealerships. This is what makes it easy to bring your automobile to a repair shop, especially when it won’t start or a tire blows out. Dealerships aren’t equipped to handle emergencies; most of the individuals in the waiting room have an appointment, so crises will have to wait their turn if they can even fit in at all.

What about warranty work, though? Check your warranty, and you may find that work may also be done at HEART Certified Auto Care. The mechanics are well-trained, and they have access to OEM components.

We can save you time and money when you work with a local car repair company like HEART Auto Care, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone!