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Keep Your Vehicle in Great Shape with Auto Preventative Repair Services in Illinois

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Preventive auto repair, or in other words, preventative vehicle maintenance, is something many people overlook. You might be tempted to ignore preventive car maintenance unless your car breaks down or develops mechanical issues. 

If you have ever spent vast sums of money to get your car fixed, then you know the importance of preventive car care. Sadly, many drivers, especially the new ones, have no clue about basic preventive automotive care and maintenance. Some car owners shrug off preventive car care as a needless expense. As much as some drivers may avoid it, preventative maintenance is crucial, and it could save you lots of money in the long run. On top of that, preventive car care can help you avoid unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

If you are ever in Evanston, Northbrook, or Wilmette, Illinois, and need preventive auto repair assistance,  visit any HEART Certified Auto Care garage to get the best preventive car care services in Illinois. Like medical check-ups, we will inspect your vehicle, spot any issue with your car, and fix them before becoming problematic and costly.

Why Is Preventive Auto Repair So Important?

When you fail to regularly maintain your car, you put other road users’ safety and lives on the line. Additionally, you risk incurring a hefty price for repairs and replacements. So, why is preventive auto repair necessary?

1. Extend Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

Regularly practicing preventive auto repairs can go a long way in extending your vehicle’s lifespan. Frequent maintenance will keep most of the problems at bay. Handling wear and tear in components like the transmission system, the drivetrain, and the engine could end up increasing the longevity of your car’s life. If you want your car to last longer, you should maintain it regularly by repairing or replacing worn-out components.

2. More Safety

Preventive car care can help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns. Imagine your car breaking down in the middle of a highway or on a quiet road at night. Seems dangerous, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is. And what’s even more hazardous is getting into an accident because of your ignorance. Maybe you ignored that worn-out serpentine belt or failed to fix a broken tail light. Your car is less likely to breakdown if you are serious with preventive auto repairs. 

Although some dangerous situations are inevitable, some can be avoided by only practicing proper preventative maintenance. For instance, having your brakes and tires inspected could help prevent a scenario where you get into an accident caused by faulty breaks or worn-out tires. You are guaranteed more safety on the road if you practice preventive car care.

3. Reduced Costs

Frequent maintenance isn’t as expensive as unanticipated repairs and replacement, which could be very costly. Before your engine and other components get to the point of failing, you must have ignored numerous indications. These failures don’t just happen overnight. Neglecting maintenances will haunt you in the future. Failing to replace or repair broken or worn out components only compounds the problem. Having your car maintained regularly allows you to handle small leaks, cracks, and cases of wear and tear before they cause more damage and become even more expensive to repair or replace.

4. Improved Fuel Efficiency

Visiting the HEART Certified Auto Care garage for your regular preventive maintenance schedules can help improve your car’s fuel efficiency and mileage while saving you a ton of money in the process. If you fail to frequently replace your car’s engine filter and motor oil,  you are bound to see a dip in your vehicle’s fuel mileage. Our highly trained mechanics also recommend that you get maintenance services for your suspension system after every 15,000 miles to optimize your car’s fuel efficiency.

What To Expect When You Take Your Can In For Preventive Auto Repair

Before getting into the intricacies of preventive auto repair, you should go through your car’s owner’s manual. Every vehicle, regardless of the type, should come with a user manual. The manufacturer’s manual aims to guide the owner on how to best operate the car. From what type of oil or fuel you should put in the car to how regularly you should change components like filters and timing belts. Car manufacturers recommend that you follow the manual’s maintenance schedule to enable your vehicle to last longer.

So, what does preventive auto repair entail, exactly?

– Changing Your Oil Regularly

An oil change is the first preventive car care measure a brand new vehicle undergoes once it hits the 500-mile mark. As time goes by, metal debris resulting from the coming together of the engine’s components mixes with the engine oil. Knowing how to tell apart dirty oil from clean oil can also help in diagnosing engine problems. Getting an oil change regularly will help keep impurities and debris at bay while ensuring your engine is in top shape. Universally, car mechanics recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles.

– Checking Your Transmission.

When it comes to automobile repairs, transmission services are probably the most costly. Your vehicle’s transmission enables your car to move by transmitting the engine’s power to the wheels. Ensure that you schedule transmission check-ups regularly.

– Battery Replacement and Maintenance

Your car’s engine won’t crank up without a battery meaning your car won’t start. The lifespan of a car battery depends on the brand of the battery. Although batteries nowadays don’t need much maintenance, you should regularly check up on your battery to ensure no mineral buildup on the contacts or leakages. You can clean the battery contacts yourself using a battery cleaning brush or have it done by a professional. Having your car’s battery checked for leakages and cleaned up can help prevent future problems.

– Changing your Vehicle’s Belts

For your vehicle to run correctly and smoothly, the fan belt, serpentine belt(drive belt), timing belt, and power steering belt need to be in good shape. Over time, these belts start to wear. If you ignore the belts for too long, they could snap. Your engine could suffer severe damage as a result. Although many sources suggest changing your timing belt and drive belt after 60,000 and 40,000 miles, respectively, you should rely on information from your owner’s manual. If the manual isn’t an option, search for your car’s belt change recommendations online for the most reliable information.

– Having Your Tires, Brakes and Suspension Inspected

Most accidents on the highway result from faulty brakes. Well, functioning brakes are essential in keeping you and your vehicle safe. Research from the Department of Transportation shows that a whopping 30% of car crashes, especially truck and bus accidents, were brake-related. Your brakes may be useless if your tires are worn out. Experienced mechanics suggest having your brakes, tires, and suspension inspected every time you go for an oil change.

Your car will drive more smoothly if the tires are in good condition. Having your tires balanced and aligned will help them wear out evenly and last longer. Also, your car will be steadier on the road, ensuring your safety.

– Replacing Your Car Engine’s Air Filter

Getting the air filter in your car’s engine replaced frequently is essential, especially if you drive a lot. Your engine’s air filter gets dirtier quicker if you use your vehicle regularly.

– Checking Your Fluids

You should frequently check your power steering, antifreeze, coolant, and wiper fluids. If the fluids need changing, you can do it yourself or let a professional mechanic handle it. While checking your fluids, scan for any leaks as well.

And many others…

Are you in need of preventive repair services? HEART Certified Auto Care is a leading preventive maintenance provider specializing in oil change, tire brake and suspension inspection, belt changing, battery replacement, transmission maintenance, and other maintenance services. We provide our services in Illinois in three different locations; Evanston, Northbrook, and Wilmette. Our customer care service providers will be glad to be of help. Keep in mind that preventive car repair services will increase your vehicle’s lifespan, save you money, and possibly your life!

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