Don’t Forget These Areas When Cleaning Your Car this Spring

Spring is a great time to give your car a good cleaning after the harsh winter weather. While most people focus on the exterior of their vehicles, it’s also essential to pay attention to the interior and mechanical components. In this guide, we’ll cover some areas that are often overlooked when cleaning your car this spring. If you need car maintenance in Evanston, HEART Auto Care is here to help.

  • Air Conditioning System. After months of not using your air conditioning system, it’s a good idea to have it checked and cleaned. Dust, debris, and mold can accumulate in your car’s air conditioning system, which can lead to unpleasant odors and even health issues. Have a professional mechanic inspect and clean your air conditioning system to ensure it’s running efficiently and safely.
  • Cabin Air Filter. The cabin air filter in your vehicle helps to keep dust, pollen, and other particles from entering it. However, if it is not regularly replaced or cleaned, it may become clogged with debris, limiting the efficiency of your air conditioner and creating an unpleasant smell. Have your cabin air filter checked and replaced if needed to ensure you’re breathing clean air while driving.
  • While cleaning the exterior of your car is essential, it’s also important to give the interior a thorough cleaning. Vacuum your carpets, seats, and floor mats to remove dirt and debris that may have accumulated during the winter months. Use a mild cleaner to clean your dashboard, door panels, and other interior surfaces to remove dirt and grime. Don’t forget to clean your windows and mirrors for clear visibility while driving.
  • During the winter months, road salt and grime can accumulate on the underside of your car, causing corrosion and other damage. It’s crucial to give the undercarriage a thorough cleaning in the spring. You can use a pressure washer or take your car to a professional car wash that offers an undercarriage wash.
  • Wheels and Tires. Your wheels and tires can take a beating during the winter months. Brake dust, road salt, and grime can accumulate on your wheels, making them look dull and dirty. Use a wheel cleaner and a soft-bristled brush to scrub away the grime. Don’t forget to check your tire pressure and add air if needed.
  • Engine Bay. Cleaning your engine bay may not be a top priority, but it’s essential to keep it clean to ensure your car runs smoothly. Use a degreaser to remove any grease or oil buildup, and rinse it off with a hose. Make sure to cover any sensitive electronic components with plastic bags to avoid getting them wet.
  • Winter weather can leave your car’s windows looking hazy and streaky. Use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean your windows thoroughly. Don’t forget to roll down your windows and clean the tops of the doors, too.
  • Winter weather can damage your car’s paint, causing it to fade or develop rust spots. Take the time to give your car a thorough wash and wax to protect the paint from further damage. You can also use a clay bar to remove any contaminants that may be stuck to the paint.

Spring is the perfect time to give your car a thorough cleaning. After a long winter, your vehicle may be in need of some extra TLC to get it looking and running its best. However, it’s essential to pay attention to some areas that may be easily overlooked. If you need car maintenance in Evanston, trust HEART Auto Care to keep your vehicle in top shape.

Why Trust HEART Auto Care for Car Maintenance in Evanston?

HEART Auto Care is a trusted provider of car maintenance in Evanston. Our experienced mechanics have the knowledge and expertise to handle all of your vehicle’s maintenance needs, including air conditioning system cleaning, cabin air filter replacement, and interior detailing. We use only high-quality parts and follow manufacturer-recommended procedures to ensure your vehicle runs safely and reliably.

Spring cleaning is essential for your vehicle’s longevity and health. Don’t forget to pay attention to the often-overlooked areas, such as your air conditioning system, cabin air filter, and interior, when cleaning your car this spring. If you need car maintenance in Evanston, trust the experts at HEART Auto Care to get the job done right. We’re committed to providing top-notch service and keeping your vehicle running safely and reliably.