Check Engine Light On: A Sign To Get a HEART Car Check-Up

It is important to know what is happening as soon as the check engine light comes on. We surely don’t want to delay things because it can exacerbate the problem.

This is where we, HEART Auto Care, come into the situation. With our excellent diagnostics equipment, we are a service provider home to trusted experts with years of qualified experience correcting related issues.

Here you can find out more about what Check Engine Lights mean and why it is important to fix the problem as soon as possible.

  • Gas Cap
    This is one of the most common issues that can trigger a check engine light. This happens when the gas cap is loose or not closed as intended. This will alert the vehicle and it is important to lock the fuel cap before driving again. You need to first check if this is a problem.
  • Engine Combustion
    This is an issue that focuses on engine behavior.
    If it does not work properly, the check engine lamp may come on. This can include connection failures that can cause engine performance problems while the vehicle is running.
  • Catalytic Converter
    Catalytic converters are important when separating unsafe gas from unsafe gas. Failure for this to work properly can damage the vehicle and cause serious damage. If you don’t deal with the problem diligently, it can also be a health hazard. This is why having an expert check it is really important.
  • Spark Plugs
    The problem may be related to spark plugs. If one of the spark plugs fails, the check engine light may go out. This may warn you that other spark plugs are also gone.
  • Air or Fuel Mixture
    The air-fuel mixture must be flawless for the vehicle to drive safely. This can lead to failures if there are discrepancies or if the components do not work properly.

HEART Auto Care understands the importance of fixing vehicle problems immediately. With years of experience and a desire to help vehicle owners, we are a team of experts dedicated to the task at hand.

Don’t histate to call and have an expert run a series of tests to see what’s going on. It will be a perfect way to ensure everything works fine with your vehicle.