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Can’t Live Without Your Car AC: 3 Major Reasons Why It Isn’t Cooling Enough!

AC or air conditioning is a non-negotiable aspect of owning a car. ACs might seem like a luxury, but in the world of today, it is anything but a necessity. Not only does air conditioning make your life easier, but it also makes the lives of your travel companions better while in your car. Therefore it is particularly distressing when your car AC is not working properly and the cooling isn’t enough for a hot summer day!

To better understand and solve your problems. Here is a comprehensive list of the most probable reasons why your car’s air conditioning isn’t working to its full potential.

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#1 Get Your Electricals Thoroughly Checked

An unwanted short circuit in your electrical unit is another unexpected reason for which your car AC may stop working. It’s a common issue with vehicles these days. If you’re living in a climate where the outside temperature tends to go above and beyond 45 degrees, the electrical wires might get hot enough and cause a short circuit in the internal wiring. When AC is not working to its full capacity, one of the most common reasons for this are electrical issues. Your car’s electricals are highly susceptible to damage over time if they are not timely maintained.

#2 Your Car’s AC Might Have A Leakage

Air conditioners in your car have a substance without which they can’t function that is called “refrigerant”. If your car’s AC is experiencing a leakage in this refrigerant then it might be a reason why your car’s AC is not working properly. A leakage of this type is actually far too common than many people anticipate. Which makes it a great reason to get your car checked on a consistent basis to catch this before it ever happens!

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#3 Compromised Compressor

There is a major job that compressors play in AC frameworks of your vehicle. It keeps the AC running and if breakdowns, the refringent will not course as expected. It will blow in Hot Air inside the vehicle. It’s a typical situation when you start your car AC after quite a while, say for a few months (particularly throughout the cold weather months). This is a common issue that we have seen over the years, if you ever find your car blowing out Hot AC let Heart Auto quickly fix it up!