Battery Maintenance Checklist | Evanston Auto Repair

Imagine a scenario where you’re driving to work, you’re beating a deadline, and are already running late. Suddenly, your car’s battery died, and now you’re stuck in the middle of the road. It couldn’t get any worse, right? No, because instead of calling a professional,  you decided to handle the matter yourself. You attempted to revive the battery, but then it exploded.

It’s a nightmare no one should have to go through. Here are some tips to follow to avoid such a nightmare and keep your car battery working for a longer time.

Car Battery Care Tips To Extend the Life of Your Battery

  • Don’t leave your car unused for too long. 

If you leave your car unused for too long, it will self-discharge over time. To avoid battery-draining issues, we recommended driving your vehicle, ideally at highway speeds, for at least 30 minutes every three days.

  • Keep it warm during winter. 

Cold weather is harsh on car batteries– it reduces the capacity, makes the battery recharge much slower, and may also cause freezing. To avoid battery problems during cold seasons, park your car in a garage where the temperature can be a little warmer than outside. 

  • Don’t over-charge. 

Leaving the charger connected to your car battery continuously will cause the battery to eventually die, or worse, it can swell and then explode.

Make sure to use the correct charging voltage and charge your battery for the appropriate time.

  • Clean the battery.

A dirty car battery weakens the charge, makes the battery work harder, wears down the battery much faster, and eventually reduces its lifespan significantly.

To prolong your car’s battery life, we recommend cleaning it every 6 to 8 months to keep the terminals free from dirt, grease, or rust that might have accumulated.

To clean the battery, first, remove the clamps. Then using a toothbrush dipped in a mixture of baking soda and water, scrub the terminals to get rid of the dirt. Rinse off the residue with a spray bottle with cold water and then dry them using a clean cloth.

  • Test your battery every six months.

Over time, your car battery will degrade and will not last as long as it used to. Testing your battery’s output voltage level often will give you an idea of the condition of your car battery and let you know when you’ll need a battery service or battery replacement in Evanston anytime soon.

  • Turn off all lights upon leaving your car.

You probably already know how accidentally leaving on your car lights can drain your battery and cause the car not to start. To avoid discharging your car battery and getting stranded with a dead battery, be sure to turn off all lights when turning off your engine.

  • Avoid frequently driving on short trips. 

When you drive short distances too often, your car battery works harder and doesn’t get charged enough. The battery voltage will reduce steadily, and eventually, it will fail to start the car. To avoid this problem, we recommend giving your battery enough time to fully recharge by driving longer distances at highway speed.

Lastly, if you notice your car battery getting weaker than usual, err on the side of caution and have your battery inspected by a certified mechanic in Evanston and replaced if necessary.

Don’t wait until your car battery dies on you before you decide to seek professional help. If you suspect that it’s time for battery maintenance and repair, contact HEART Certified Auto Care Evanston, and our licensed technicians will gladly take care of the problem for you. Your convenience and safety is our top priority.