Avoiding Car Breakdowns Caused By Summer Heat

As summer winds down, many of you may be planning a road trip or vacation. It is critical to plan ahead of time for your summer vacation. We at HEART Auto Care want you to arrive safely at your destination, so consider the following five suggestions before your next trip: 

  • Examine Your Tires

Are you aware that heat may cause the pressure in your tires to rise? Driving with overinflated tires puts you in danger of early tire degradation and tire blowouts. To avoid either scenario, we recommend taking more frequent tire pressure and tread depth readings. Don’t forget to bring a spare tire on extended excursions.

  • Have Your Cooling System Checked

When it’s hot outdoors, the risk of engine overheating is substantially higher. Keeping this in mind, you should monitor your coolant levels and condition. Make sure to top it off as needed.

A coolant flush may be required in specific instances.

  • Oil Change

Over time, your engine oil degrades and loses its lubricating and cooling properties. If your engine needs to work more than usual, its temperature may rise.

  • Do Battery Test

If you didn’t already know, hot weather may drain your car battery and cause unneeded failures. Make careful to have your battery examined this summer to avoid exhausting it. Additionally, concentrate on cleaning off any apparent rust. Also, bring a charger and/or jumper cords with you.

You may avoid car problems this summer by following the helpful advice above. If you want assistance with any of the services listed above, please contact the professionals at HEART Certified Auto Care.