5 Signs Your Car’s Shock Or Strut Is About To Fail

Shock absorbers and struts are important parts of your car. They keep your tires on the road and reduce wear and tear on your suspension system. But when they fail, you are in for a bad ride and you could even end up in an accident. Check out these five signs that your shock or strut needs replacing.

You hear a loud thumping noise when hitting a bump.

If you hear a loud thumping sound as you ride over bumps and cracks in the road, then your shocks or struts may be damaged and need replacing. This is because the shock or strut has failed and is no longer absorbing the impact of the vehicle’s weight.

The car pulls to one side when you brake hard.

Another common symptom of a failing shock or strut is uneven braking. As you apply the brakes, the front wheels will pull to one side. You should also notice a loss of power while accelerating.

There is excessive vibration while driving.

If you feel vibrations when you accelerate or brake, then there is likely an issue with your shocks or struts. This is because the suspension system works by transferring weight from the tires to the vehicle frame. If the springs aren’t properly aligned, then the car will vibrate more than usual.

Fluid on the shocks or struts is leaking.

Leaking fluid on the struts or shocks is a sure sign that the seals are damaged, and the internal fluids can escape. This can negatively affect the ability of the shock and strut to control the vehicle.

To know if there is a leak, check the body of your shocks and struts for any discoloration or grime build-up, and bring your vehicle to a licensed mechanic to properly assess the leak and fix the problem.

Irregular tread wear on the tires.

Premature tire wear, especially if it occurs noticeably on one side, is a sure sign of damaged struts or shocks. The struts or shocks’ inability to control the vehicle’s suspension causes the car to pull on one side when driving and eventually causes uneven wear on the tires.

The engine starts to miss when you drive over bumps.

You might not think much about your shocks or struts until you notice that your car feels sluggish when driving over bumps. If you notice your engine misfires when driving over bumpy roads, it’s possible that your shocks or struts need replacement.

You notice excessive bounce when driving on rough roads.

Under normal conditions, your car should rise and fall and then stabilize when you hit a bump. However, if you notice your vehicle continues to rock up and down after driving over a bump, your vehicle’s struts and shocks are not working properly and may need a replacement immediately.

If you notice any of the signs listed above, it may be time for a shock or strut replacement. Feel free to reach HEART Certified Auto Care. Our skilled technicians can look at the problem and perform the required repairs to keep your vehicle in top condition. Contact us today.