5 Car Timing Belt Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore | Evanston Auto Repair

The timing belt in your vehicle keeps everything running smoothly by ensuring that all the parts move at the same speed. It also helps keep the engine cool, which prevents overheating and damage.

When you notice one or more of these warning signs, it may mean that your car timing belt needs replacing. Don’t wait until it’s too late – take action now!

The engine starts making unusual noises.

If you hear an unusual noise coming from your engine, check out the following five warning signs that your timing belt might need replacing.

  • The engine makes a loud clunk when starting
  • Engine makes a grinding sound while idling
  • Your vehicle makes a high-pitched whine while driving
  • Car makes a low-pitched whining sound while idling
  • The negine makes a rumbling sound when accelerating

Most of the unusual noises listed above can also be a result of issues in other parts of your vehicle, so be sure to seek the help of a professional to properly assess and fix the problem for you.

The engine overheats.

A car with a worn timing belt will not only make a lot of noise but also run hot. This means that the engine has less ability to cool itself down, so it gets hotter than normal. As the temperature rises, the oil becomes thinner and starts to break down. Eventually, the engine will breakdown completely.

The oil light comes on.

If you see an oil light come on, it usually indicates that there is something wrong with the oil pump. It could be as simple as a loose connection, or it could indicate a bigger problem. Either way, it’s a good idea to check out the oil level before driving off.

The battery dies.

A dead battery will not start your vehicle. It also won’t let you hear any sounds coming from your vehicle. If you suspect that your battery is dying, turn off your ignition and remove the key. Then, jump into your vehicle and press the brake pedal as hard as possible. If you still cannot start your vehicle, call a tow truck immediately.

The check engine light comes on.

If you see a check engine light come on, it means that your vehicle has detected a problem. This could be anything from a minor issue to a major malfunction. In either case, you need to find out what the problem is so that you can fix it.

To keep your car in optimal condition, let HEART Certified Auto Care in Evanston inspect and replace your car’s timing belt. We’ll also take care of your tires, change your oil, and other components to ensure your car is given the care it deserves. Schedule an appointment today.