4 Signs You Need New Headlights

Car headlights are essential to safe driving. That’s why it’s important to know the signs that your car headlights need to be replaced. To help you, here are four signs your headlights are on their way out.

Car headlights are dim

Headlights lose their luster after a while, so if you notice yours are dimmer than before, that’s a good sign they’re reaching the end of their lifespan and will burn out soon. If this happens, take your car in for a quick fix to one of HEART Certified Auto Care’s three Chicago area locations: HEART Wilmette, HEART Northbrook, and HEART Evanston.

Car headlights are flickering

Flickering headlights may not be burning out. They may be flickering because of a bad electrical connection or other internal issue. Either way, flickering headlights should definitely be inspected by a car repair professional. Contact a HEART Certified Auto Care location nearest you today!

Car headlights are hazy

It’s common for car headlights to yellow or otherwise become hazy from salt, dirt, and even UV rays. Luckily, this is an easy fix — often hazy headlights are cleared simply by cleaning the headlight cover with a special cleanser made for this purpose. Other times the headlight needs to be replaced. Either way, hazy headlights should be looked at by a mechanic who understands car repairs. Not only will this simple check increase your safety, but it makes your car look better, too. A win-win!

Car headlights are dead

This is the most obvious sign your headlights need new bulbs and should be replaced. While you’re at it, replace both—not only because the other is likely burn out soon as well, but because you want to make sure your headlights offer consistent, not lopsided, illumination at night. If you have further questions about your car headlights, or any other car repair matter, call or stop by HEART Certified Auto Care for our mechanics to inspect your automobile. It could mean the difference between a smooth trip and the ditch.