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DIY Auto Repair Tips to Save Money During the Coronavirus

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Do It Yourself Auto Repair Tips To Help You Save Money During The Coronavirus

Keeping active during these unprecedented times is essential if you don’t want to lose your mind thinking about the impending ‘apocalypse.’ With the majority of businesses on a standstill, getting a service provider to assist has proven to be risky, if not impossible. Plus, we are all aware of how expensive auto repair can be. And with the Pandemic on a rampage across the country, movement has been greatly restricted. So what do you do when your vehicle has a problem and the majority of dealerships and repair shops are closed? You’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way and keep the car dependable by yourself while staying safe at home.

During this Coronavirus Pandemic, every cent matters and can prove to be the difference between you eating and sleeping hungry. With more and more states implementing lockdowns, and shelter-in-place orders, saving money has never been so integral. And how do you do that? Well, your auto repair is an excellent place to start. And you can hone your technical and handy skills with these easy Do It Yourself Auto Repair Tips that are sure to save you money during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Check and Change The Oil

Oil plays a fundamental role in the functionality of your car. It keeps moving parts running well and prevents friction from wearing away the engine, which could potentially cost you big time. You can check the oil level of the car using the dipstick found under the hood to determine whether the vehicle needs to be topped off. When doing so, make sure to follow the guidelines in your owner’s manual. Be sure to only attempt this when the engine is cold and your vehicle is parked on level ground.

If the dipstick shows the car’s engine oil is low, you can top it off by yourself. Let’s face it; oil can only be located at service centers and convenience stores. But fear not, even during this Coronavirus pandemic, some are still operating in the majority of the states. Ensure to follow the guidance of the automaker when selecting the grade of oil and be careful not to overfill the engine. And if you’re mostly self-quarantined, you’ll be happy to hear oil change intervals can be stretched out for weeks at a time. An oil change will prevent damage and keep the components of your car running properly.

Check The Tire Pressure And Depth

Checking the tire pressure may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s easily forgotten. Did you know that tire pressure has a direct correlation to the car’s fuel efficiency? Even with movement restricted, at one time or the other, you may need to go for an errand. You definitely don’t want running into a tire problem in the middle of the road or burning extra fuel, which means extra costs. Also, under-inflated tires tend to create extra friction compared to those with the right air pressure.

A tire inspection is a standard procedure that’s pretty much straightforward and can be incorporated on your auto repair regimen. Assess the tires for damage and uneven wear that could justify their replacement. So before embarking on your journey, check the inflation to see if it’s within the recommended air pressure. And while you’re at it, check the spare.

What’s more, you can use a quarter to measure the tread depth. If the tread depth is low, don’t drive in the rain and be wary of the braking distances. Tire retailers are recording a massive drop in demand, with inventory being in abundance. This means you can get tires at a reduced price and install it/them back at your garage.

Check And Change The Air Filters

You don’t have to be an auto-professional or car savvy to do a basic air filter change procedure. It’s by far the easiest diy auto repair job you can do in your car. Testing the air filter is straightforward, and changing it is even more brainless. Clogged air filters can diminish the performance of your car. Replacing air filters increases gas mileage and overall power.

To do this yourself, you’ll require a new filter and screwdriver.  All you’ll be required to do is open the hood, pull it out, and use the backlight test to examine it. If it fails, reinstall a new filter. The backlight test: yank out the air filter and vacuum out dirt, and then hold it over light. If the dirt blocks 50 % of light, change the filter.

Change Power Steering Fluid

For the power steering fluid, you’ll have to go with the manufacturer’s recommended type because there are no test strips. You can remove the old power steering fluid using the turkey baster process. When the engine is off, you can suck out all the power steering fluid and swap it out with fresh fluid ‘till the full quart has been used up.

Swap Out Brake Fluid

You can’t afford to mess around with your brakes during this time. So if you notice the brake fluid is dark brown, then it may be prudent using your free time to swap out the brake fluid. You can also do a test strip test of the fluid, comparing the color to the packaging chart.  Suck out all the dark brown fluid with a baster, squirting it into recycling. Then fill the reservoir with fresh light honey brake fluid.

Check and Change The Brake Pads

Right now, during this Pandemic, you really can’t afford to get into an accident and possibly get admitted to the hospital. It’s the last place you want to be. So you have to remain vigilant and monitor your brake pads. By keeping them in optimal condition, you’ll increase your chances of avoiding car accidents and/or injuries. Brake pads are an integral component of the braking system and should be well maintained.  If the brake pads wear out, the brakes are up next. And you know where that will land you – within the clutches of COVID-19.

A diy brake pad auto repair isn’t that difficult. You’ll require a wheel lug wrench, a jack, pliers, basic wrenches, and jack stand sets.  Just like an oil change, begin by raising the car and remove the wheel. Unbolt the caliper without disconnecting the brake line, swing it off the way to gain access to the brake pads. Remove them and install new ones. Make sure to push back the piston with a C-clamp, fit the caliper, and then tire. Startup the car and restore pressure by pumping the brake pedal.

Wash Your Car

Yeah – it’s that easy doing a diy auto repair service. You should note that a properly maintained exterior is an excellent way of protecting the paintwork. Washing your car improves its overall aesthetic, and helps in removing road salt, tree sap, grime, bird droppings, and other debris, which may corrode the bodywork. After washing your car, applying wax to its bodywork can be an excellent way of creating a protective barrier. Plus, you’ll have saved some cash that you would have otherwise spent going for a car wash.

Other auto repair diy things you can do for your car include swapping out the tail/headlight bulbs, changing the battery, and replacing windshield filters. Your car being in good working condition during these difficult times can help put your mind at ease as you keep pushing on and brace for what comes next. Using the aforementioned diy auto repair tips will assist you in achieving that endeavor as you keep fighting the good fight. You ought to cut down on costs as COVID-19 grips the nation hard.

HEART AUTO CARE has 3 open locations in the Wilmette, Evanston and Northbrook area. We are offering FREE Pickup and Delivery of your vehicle and have many convenient specials going on during these uncertain times to help our community. If you have a need for vehicle service that you cannot do yourself, please give us a call now and we will schedule a pickup at no extra cost or hassle to you! Stay safe out there!


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